St Martin’s Vicarage

Dixon Street

Rough Hills

Wolverhampton  WV2 2BG

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Saint Stephen the Martyr

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Saint Martin of Tours

Dixon Street

Rough Hills



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Welcome to the Benefice of Wolverhampton Saint Martin and Saint Stephen Website.

The Benefice of Wolverhampton St Martin and St Stephen is made up of two Anglo-Catholic churches. On the 1st December 2015 the benefice of St Martin of Tours, Rough Hills, Wolverhampton and the benefice of St Stephen the Martyr, Springfield, Wolverhampton, were united to create a new benefice to be known as The Benefice of Wolverhampton Saint Martin and Saint Stephen.

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Parish Nursing Logo

Parish Nurses are supported by a national charity, Parish Nursing Ministries UK.

Parish Nursing is all about supporting people and communities towards whole person healthcare. It can happen through a local church of any denomination.

Parish Nurses work with people of all ages and backgrounds, those with faith or none. Whether simply giving moral support during a medical crisis or giving general health advice or educating for health - 'signposting' people to various support or medical services - praying for people - clarifying medical procedures or issues - or simply listening (which they do an awful lot of) - they focus on the person rather than just a specific medical condition, integrating the different aspects of health.

If prescriptions, dressings, injections or help with personal care are needed, they are provided by the health and social care services but the Parish Nurse can be the link, ensuring that people use the services appropriately and understand their medication care and condition.

They can help to prevent hospital admissions by following up people who have been discharged from care, are at risk, or have early signs of health problems.

They train and coordinate volunteers to provide extra support during times of crisis, or combating loneliness.

They encourage exercise and health nutritioView into Parish Nurse's Officen so that preventable diseases are less likely to ensue.

They help young people to understand the dangers of unhealthy behaviours.

They may organize events such as men's health breakfast, where a GP invited to speak about early signs of what people should watch out for in regard to their health, a health fair or a stress management to busy executives!

Gill Fenner

Photo of Gill Fenner Gill Fenner receiving Certificate