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St Martin’s

Fr Damian Feeney SSC
Tel: 07949 570387

St Stephen’s

Fr Roger Gilbert
Tel: 01543 505007

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Saint Martin of Tours

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Welcome to the Benefice of Wolverhampton Saint Martin and Saint Stephen Website.

The churches of St Martin  of Tours, Rough Hills and St Stephen the Martyr, Springfield became the Benefice of Wolverhampton St Martin and St Stephen in December 2015.

Whilst they are not ajoined to each other geographically they are served by the same clergy. Fr Damian Feeney SSC was appointed Interim Minister in July 2019 whilst continuing as Parish Priest at Holy Trinity Church, Ettingshall. Fr Roger Gilbert SSC currently ministers to the people of St Stephen’s.

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We understand marriage to be a sacrament – that is to say a special means by which God’s amazing and self-giving love is radiated into the world through the love that a couple have for one another and the covenantal promises that they make as they minister to each other at the heart of this great and wonderful sacrament.

One of the Priests will be happy to discuss the possibilities for your marriage at Saint Martin’s or Saint Stephen’s. Further details about marriage in the Church of England may be found on the wider Church of England website by clicking here.


You will find that churches have different positions concerning the re-marriage in church. Some will allow re-marriage in church and some won’t.

Whilst we have every sympathy with those whose marriages have broken down, our position is that we do not perform marriages for those who have been divorced and have a former partner still living.  However, you can have a blessing in church following a civil ceremony.

If you have been divorced but your former partner has since died then you can be re-married in church (assuming that you didn’t murder them). However, when the Banns of Marriage are called the phrase “previous marriage dissolved” is still used.

Same Sex Marriage

The position of the Church of England at the moment is that such unions may not be formally solemnised in church.

It seems likely that if churches are permitted to celebrate same sex marriages it will be left to each church to decide what its practice will be.

Banns of Marriage

For couples who live in either Saint Martin’s or Saint Stephen’s parishes but who are getting married elsewhere, Banns of Marriage will need to be called at Saint Martin’s or Saint Stephen’s. For your Banns to be called at our churches please contact us by clicking here, or attend one of the service when you will be able to discuss it personally afterwards.

Blessed are you, O Lord our God,

for you have created joy and gladness,

pleasure and delight, love, peace and fellowship.

Pour out the abundance of your blessing

upon N and N in their new life together.

Let their love for each other be a seal upon their hearts

and a crown upon their heads.

Bless them in their work and in their companionship;

awake and asleep,

in joy and in sorrow,

in life and in death.

Finally, in your mercy, bring them to that banquet

where your saints feast for ever in your heavenly home.

We ask this through Jesus Christ your Son, our Lord,

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.


The blessing of the couple during the marriage service